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Pursuant to the Sunshine Law, this is a request for a copy of the following records: An electronic copy of any and all employees for year of 2017, (fiscal or calendar year). Each employee record should contain the employer name, employer zip code, year of compensation, first name, middle initial, last name, hire date (mm-dd-yyyy), base salary amount, bonus amount, overtime amount, gross annual wages and position title. This data should be broken down by employer, employee and year.

The principal purpose of this is to make this information more accessible to the public and to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. This request is not principally for personal or commercial benefit. Our agency is just exercising the general rights of the public. For these reasons, we are requesting a waiver of fees. If there is a charge for this service, please obtain my approval in writing prior to proceeding with request.

All documents can be e-mailed to or mailed in electronic format (preferred format would be .csv or .xls). If any documents are not provided in the format specified, please provide the state or federal statutes relied upon for that decision. If any record or portion of a record responsive to this request is contained in a record or portion of a record deemed unresponsive to the request, I would like to inspect the entire document. Under the Open Records Act/Freedom of Information Act, all non-exempt portions of any partially-exempt documents must be disclosed. If any records or portions of records are withheld, please state the exemption on which you rely, the basis on which the exemption is invoked, and the name of the individual responsible for the decision.

Thank you for your prompt consideration of my request. If you have any questions, or if I can be of any assistance, please e-mail me at


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We closed this request after we were unable to contact you to assist you in making a focused and effective request that reasonably describes an identifiable record.

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